Sonnens Goal



Our goal is a world in which everyone is able to cover their energy needs with decentralised and intelleigent clean energy systems that generate and store energy locally. We also create communities where everyone can connect to share energy where and when its needed. Ultimatly this will emancipate our world from the dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations and provide us with greater control over our energy future.



What is sonnenbatterie?



The sonnenbatterie is an energy storage solution for your home that uses intelligent software to manage energy throughout the day - saving you money, providing backup power and enabling you to use your solar power at night.


The Sonnebatterie is a complete and ready to connect system.


Inside every sonnenbatterie are durable battery modules, an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software for it to all run smoothly.



Benefits of Sonnenbatterie



During the day the sonnenbatterie optimises the use of self generated solar power saving money on electric bills. 

The sonnenbatterie easily integrates with new and existing solar sysstems to manage power both day and night.

The sonnenbatterie reliably supplies energy during the night time using the stored solar power generated during the day

Integrating the sonnenbatterie provides true energy enabling homes to generate and store energy even during power outages.

Sonnenbatterie manages energy usage increasing household energy efficieny and reducing energy cost throughout the day. 



How the sonnenbattrie gets you through the day?





Minimal energy production, high energy needed


Highest energy production, low energy needed


Low energy production, high energy need



At sunrise the solar panels start to produce energy, though not enough to cover the morning energy need. The sonnenBatterie will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the day before



In the daytime the solar panels energy generation at its peak. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low so that most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie



The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening when the solar panels produce little or no energy. The sonnenBatterie will cover the energy need with the energy produced in the daytime




The app by Sonnen - Keep an eye on your energy supply


With the SonneApp you can check your energy useage and production, anytime. It allows you to monitor and control the supply and demand of your household. 

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